Important Information Regarding Tax Payments In Bill Pay
Discouraged Payments Are:
Tax Payments (Property tax, Income tax, etc.)
Court Ordered Payments
Due to processing issues beyond Mocse and the bill payment service providers control the above listed payments are not recommended to be scheduled and paid through bill pay. These payments are discouraged and are scheduled at your own risk. In no event shall Mocse or the bill pay service provider be liable for any claims or damages resulting from you scheduling these types of payments. The bill pay service provider shall have no obligation to research or resolve any claim resulting from any such payment. All research and resolution for any misapplied, misposted or misdirected payments will be your sole responsibility.
Prohibited Payments Are:
Payments to Billers outside of the United States or its territories
Payments to Internet gambling sites
Please contact Electronic Services with any questions or concerns regarding our Bill Pay services at 209-572-3600.