The government started sending a new round of economic impact payments.  Payments may show as pending on your account and will be deposited on the date provided by the Treasury.  

If you received the second round of economic stimulus through direct deposit to your Mocse account, nothing will change provided you still meet the eligibility requirements of the stimulus and your haven't changed your account information with the IRS.

If you received a check or a prepaid card for the first round and haven't added your account information with the IRS, you will likely receive the same type of payment for this round, as well. 

For questions regarding eligibility, payment status, and questions about the stimulus program, visit the Internal Revenue Service at   Once the stimulus payment details have been released, consumers may visit the Get My Payment page to check on their eligibility and status of their payment.

At Mocse, if accounts are overdrawn, any deposits are automatically applied to cover the negative balances.  However, we are committed to ensuring you have full access to your stimulus funds.  Please contact us if you have questions or need further information on how we can help you at 209-572-3600.

Visit this page for general information regarding Mocse's response to the Coronavirus.