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There’s a world of benefits that come with membership in Mocse – a financial cooperative owned by members for the benefit of members. And all the Credit Union advantages can be yours in just a matter of minutes, simply by opening a membership Share Savings Account.

Savings Accounts

There are many ways to help you save. Whether you’re looking for a short-term investment or a savings plan to secure your future, we have a solution to help you reach your financial goals.

  • Share Savings Accounts
    Maintain membership in the credit union with just $5.00 in your Share Savings Account and be eligible to apply for other services. There is no monthly fee. Start building your savings and earn monthly dividends with low average daily balance of just $1.00. We also have specially designed youth accounts for children and teens to help develop money management skills.
  • Share Money Market Accounts
    This account offers premium tiered dividend rates based on a minimum balance of $2,500.00. Dividends are calculated on the daily balance method and credited to your account monthly.
  • Certificates
    Earn higher yields and guaranteed dividends with fixed term options from 90 days to 18 months. Open a Mocse Term Share Certificate with as little as $500.00. Mini Jumbo ($50,000.00) and Jumbo ($100,000.00) certificates are also available. Penalties may apply for early withdrawal.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
    Save for your retirement and earn higher monthly dividends that are tax-free until you start distributions. Roth, Educational, and SEP IRAs are available at competitive dividend rates. IRA Certificates are also available for even higher dividend returns.
  • Club Accounts
    These accounts provide you extra funds for the holidays-or for a holiday! Put a little bit away, a little at a time before you miss it with Payroll Deduction and earn monthly dividends as you save.

Financial Services

Convenience, solutions and service. Mocse offers everything you need to manage finances, meet goals and simplify your busy life.

  • Checking Accounts
    You'll find lots of good reasons to take care of business with the credit union that takes care of you, like no monthly fees, no minimum balance requirement and dividends that are paid to you monthly. Open an account with just $20.00.
  • Personal Line of Credit
    A line of credit can be used for whatever you need, whenever you need it, including overdraft protection for your checking account.
  • Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
    You can access your accounts anywhere, anytime by using the STAR® or Cirrus® ATM networks. You can also make deposits and withdrawals at CO-OP ATMs and avoid paying any fees.
  • Visa® Credit Card
    Get the worldwide purchasing power of a Visa® Credit Card with no annual fee, a competitive interest rate and a 25-day grace period. It also provides cash access at numerous locations world wide and optional overdraft protection for your Mocse checking account.
  • Visa® Check Card
    Why bother with checks? Through your checking account you have the power to make purchases using the convenience of a Check Card. The amount comes directly from the funds available in your checking account. You get a monthly report of every Check Card purchase on your account statement for easy reference.
  • ATM Only Card
    For those of you who are not interested in a Visa® Check Card, the credit union offers an ATM Only Card to access the funds in your Mocse savings and checking accounts.
  • Internet Banking / BillPay
    Get On-line... Not In-line.
    Now you can handle your financial transactions at your convenience. Complete transfers, get balances, pay monthly bills, view statements or get account histories. Our virtual branch is just a mouse click away at
  • Call 24
    Home banking 24 hours a day! From any touch-tone phone you can easily get balance information, account histories and make transfers between your Mocse accounts. Call 24 is safe, easy and, there are no fees. Call (209) 572-3600 or outside the (209) area code at (800) 44-Mocse.
  • Direct Deposit
    Don’t wait in line! Have your check deposited directly to your account on payday. No hassles, no special trips, no problem!
  • Payroll Deduction
    The easy way to save is also a free service! Simply specify an amount to be deposited into any of your accounts directly from your paycheck and it will be posted on the day your payroll is received. Simply convenient!
  • Automatic Payments
    Eliminate the hassle of writing checks and making payment deadlines. Have the credit union make your credit union loan payments automatically from your account. This service is at no cost to you, and a detailed summary will be provided on your monthly statement.
  • Express Walk-Up Window
    Take care of credit union business on your way to and from work. The express walk-up window at both of our Modesto branches is open before and after hours from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday and from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Additional Benefits

AutoSMART - Blue Book information
Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL)
Notary Public Service
Signature Guarantees
Vacation Packages, Discount Tickets and Discount Coupons
Money Orders & Cashiers Checks

Loan Services

Mocse Credit Union offers competitive interest rates, no prepayment penalties and a variety of loan products to fit your needs.

  • Auto Loans
    New & Used Auto Loans
  • Visa® Credit Card
  • Personal Loans
    Personal Line of Credit
    Share Secured Loan
    Certificate Secured Loan
  • 2nd Mortgage Loans
    Home Equity Line of Credit
    Home Equity Loan
  • 1st Mortgage Loans - Ambeck Mortgage
    FHA, VA and Conventional Loans
    First time Home Buyers Program
    PERS and STRS Loans
    Jumbo Loans
  • Toy Loans
    Personal water craft, motorcycles, boats, RVs and more!
  • Home Improvement Loans
    Improve the energy efficiency of your home!




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