Mocse Federal Credit Union
At each year’s annual meeting, the membership elects a Board of Directors, who are responsible for establishing policy, planning the direction of the credit union, declaring dividends, and setting interest rates. These Board members are unpaid volunteers serving their peers, another aspect of the unique character of credit unions.

Although the credit union hires professional staff to provide the best financial services in the most efficient way, the cooperative depends on volunteers elected from the membership, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the National Credit Union Administration, the same agency of the U.S. Government that insures each member’s savings up to $250,000.

Because of the uniqueness of credit unions, the movement has flourished in recent years, due in part, to the dedication of its Board of Directors. Cooperatives like Mocse Credit Union have proved to be financially sound, organizationally stable, and uniquely responsive to their members’ needs.

Board of Directors

Name Title
Joy Mastache Chairman
Teresa Scott Vice Chairman
Don Payne Treasurer
Sue Cipponeri Assistant Treasurer
Jim Page Secretary
Don Borges Board Member
Dave Lake Board Member
Judie Piscitello Board Member
Kimberly Ringer Board Member
Bob Lee Board Member (Emeritus)
Joe Lopes Board Member (Emeritus)

Supervisory Committee

Name Title
Linda Fischer Chairman
Andy Brechwald Committee Member
Cheryl Goulart Committee Member
Jeremy Salazar Committee Member
Walter Nicolau III  Committee Member

Volunteer At Large

Name Title
Paul Cornwell Volunteer At Large
Erika Mendoza Volunteer At Large

Not a Member? You Could Be! 1-800-44-Mocse or (209)572-3600