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Business Money Market

It just makes sense

Grow your business savings without lifting a finger (or losing access to your cash).


Higher Dividends

Earn higher dividends than typical savings accounts.


Withdraw Funds Anytime

Unlike a certificate of deposit, you can withdraw funds from your business money market account at any time.


Low Balance Requirements

All you need is $2,500 to continue earning high-rate dividends.


Park Your Short Term Cash

This account is totally liquid, making it an ideal place to park short term cash while you plan your next move.


Low Initial Deposit

With an initial minimum deposit of just $2,500, you can start saving right away.


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As high as 3.25 % APY *

Estimate your monthly savings

Look how much you could earn.

Final Balance

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Guaranteed returns

Let's get started

As the saying goes, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today – and the same goes for saving. Open an account and put your money to work.

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Saving for purpose?

Reach your business goals faster

Whether your business goal involves expansion or protection, you can reach it faster with our Business Money Market accounts. It's a great way to put that extra cash to work.

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Put my name on the list and got help from a banker almost right away. Cameron was a big help getting all my accounts set up and organized. Very thorough.

— K. K.
I was able to get my request done quickly and courteously.
A. A.
Everything went very smooth and the teller was very helpful and friendly
D. H.
The teller was very pleasant and helped me with everything I came in for.
S. K.

How it works

It’s easy to open a Business Money Market with us

Step 1

Visit any branch to quickly open your account.

Step 2

Make your first deposit.

Step 3

Start earning dividends on your account immediately.

Supercharge your business savings

Reach your goals faster

  • * APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Dividend rates and APY’s are quoted rates and yields current as of July 20, 2024. Subject to change.

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