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Business Savings

Even businesses have rainy days

Save for the slow times, or to invest in the good times. Every business should sock a little away to help smooth out the bumps.


Zero-Effort Growth

Your savings will grow automatically with this dividend-earning account.


24/7 Access

Deposit, withdraw, or transfer funds anytime, anywhere with online and mobile banking.


You're Protected

Your savings account is federally protected up to $250,000. It's peace of mind you can bank on.


Low Initial Deposit

It takes just $5 minimum deposit to get started. That's less than your morning coffee and a doughnut.

We make it easy to save

Save without a second thought

Funnel funds into your savings account by enrolling in automatic deposits or transfers. You can also make deposits by phone or at any of our branch locations. In short, you've got options!

Business savings feature 1
Unlimited account flexibility

Save without limiting access to your money

Circumstances change. Our Business Savings account provides maximum flexibility to use and move your money. Make withdraws anytime without penalty.

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I was able to get my request done quickly and courteously.

— A. A.
The banker was very attentive, listened and made me feel she was going to help me resolve my issues
L. A.
Felt as i was efficiently addressed and politely takencare of /personable and the issue was appropiately addressed..
J. C.
My contact center representative went above and beyond! Even though she did not have the answer on hand, she took the time to get the right answer for me. 10/10
R. D.

How it works

It’s easy to open a Business Savings account with us

Step 1

Visit any branch to get started.

Step 2

Fund your account with as little as $5.

Step 3

Start earning interest on balances as low as $500.

Saving makes good business sense

For short and long-term goals

Spoofing Calls! Do not give your personal information (i.e., Online Banking Credentials, Verification Codes, Account Numbers, SSN, or PIN number) to anyone.