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Savings Accounts

Create a brighter future

Save for a rainy day, sunny day, or a brighter day. Mocse has the right account for all your savings goals.


Regular Savings Account

Need a safe place to store your hard-earned money? This account is a great, simple way to start your savings journey.


Reward Savings[1]

Supercharge your savings and create unique opportunities to save and earn. Deposits come from specific activities, like rounding up debit card transactions. Our highest rate!


Money Market Account

Keep your savings liquid and accessible with this popular, convenient account.


Club Savings

You'll love the convenience of saving for the holidays with this special purpose savings account.


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As high as 6.00 % APY *

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Reward Savings

Earn Mocse's highest rate

Make deposits into this unique account by taking specific actions. One popular example is opting to have your debit card transactions rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the difference deposited into your Reward Savings[1]. Your balance will grow effortlessly, and you'll earn an exceptional rate!

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Pay yourself first

Save for a rainy day, or for a brighter day

Financial experts recommend having 3 to 6 months of expenses within an accessible savings account to cover unplanned emergencies. Beyond emergencies, saving for a specific goal can be incredibly motivating, as well. Your credit union has all the tools you need to plan for the unexpected, and for the anticipated.

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Very good customer service , I was in good hands today ! She did her best to make the transaction go thru and it did , she was very friendly

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I ordered a cash withdrawal and the money was waiting for me. The teller was efficient and friendly.
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Very convenient - no crowd. I do most of my banking online, but I have to bring in my paycheck each month to deposit it.
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I love Ani! She is so wonderful! I have done 3 transactions with her and will always work with her!
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How it works

It’s easy to get a Savings Account with us

Step 1

Review the different Savings Accounts and choose ones that fit your saving goals.

Step 2

Select the accounts and get started online, or at one of our branches.

Step 3

Feel good as you start saving for your future.

Save for what matters to you

Let us help you reach your financial goals with one of our great Savings Accounts, today.

  • [1] Member Rewards Savings

    1. Rate Information: The dividend rate and annual percentage yield may change at any time, as determined by the credit union’s Board of Directors.
    2. Compounding and crediting – Dividends will be compounded every month. Dividends will be credited to your account every month.
    3. Dividend period – For this account type, the dividend period is monthly, for example, the beginning date of the first dividend period of the calendar year is January 1, and the ending date of such dividend period is January 31. All other dividend periods follow this same pattern of dates. The dividend declaration date is the last day of the dividend period, and for the example above is January 31. If you close your account before dividends are paid, you will not receive the accrued dividends.
    4. Minimum balance requirements: No minimum balance requirements apply to this account.
    5. Daily balance computation method – Dividends are calculated by the daily balance method which applies a daily periodic rate to the balance in the account each day.
    6. Transaction limitations: Deposits can only be made through using debit card Round Up and participating in various bonus rewards offered. Withdrawals can be made in branch or in online banking by transferring from your rewards savings to your accounts or loans.

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